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An Unprecedented 99.9% UV Protection
UVShield is a quantum leap in sun protection and window film technology. Its thin, lightweight design makes it virtually invisible, yet it’s clearly the most powerful UV-blocking film available today – shielding you and your passengers from a full 99.9% of the sun’s harmful rays.

It’s Practically Invisible
Since the film is essentially transparent, it promotes excellent visibility day or night. And because it doesn’t noticeably darken windows, UVShield is permitted for use in every state.

Safety Aspects
UVShield also helps prevent deterioration of car seat belts and child safety seat straps due to sun damage, something that the National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration warns can result from sun exposure. And, in addition to sheltering you from the sun, UVShield can even help hold shattered glass in place. The strong, flexible film helps to prevent injuries from flying shards of glass.

Llumar Window Film
Family road trips without 99.9% UV protection can be dangerous. By taking precautions to routinely avoid sun overexposure, you can help yourself and your family beat the odds.

Doctors tell us that the sun’s ultraviolet rays – coupled with the eroding ozone layer – are leading to unprecedented increases in skin cancer and other serious medical conditions in people of all ages, as well as premature aging of the skin. In fact, skin cancer is now the most common and rapidly growing form of cancer in the United States, with more than one million new cases diagnosed each year.

Typical care windows offer a degree of protection, blocking the sun’s skin-burning UVB light, but not deep-penetrating UVA rays. Tinted window films are useful as well but, for the person who wants virtually clear film with maximum UV protection, UVShield is a perfect match.

Now, everyone from infants to seniors can benefit from an unprecedented breakthrough in solar protection. With our services, you will have the most advanced automotive window film on the market today.