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Commercial Window Tinting

We are committed to providing the Best Quality Window Films at the Best Price. Vista’s flat glass lines offer great looks, efficient installation and outstanding performance features include modern colors and shades, superior optical clarity, exclusive water-activated adhesive (DSA), fade resistant construction and an exclusive manufacturer’s warranty.

With the most complete line in the industry, proven performance features and specialty product capacity, Vista is the source you need for Safety & Security films. Vista offers superior optical clarity, advanced adhesive formulation (10lbs/rm thickness), impact resistance, certified performance, enhanced solar performance and an exclusive 15 year manufacturer's warranty.

Safety and Security

Safety & Security Window Films provide protection for Residential, Commercial, and Government properties. By blocking ultraviolet rays, deterring smash-and grab robberies, and preventing flying glass shards from causing injury during violent storms, Safety & Security Window Films offer increased protection for a variety of applications.

    * Designed for applications where safety and security is a priority

    * Excellent solar performance, including heat and UV rejection, as well        as glare reduction

    * Superior optical clarity

    * Advanced adhesive formulation

    * Evaluation according to the following test methods/standards:

          - Small Missile Impact Test – ANSI Z-97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201

          - Large Missile Impact Test & Cyclic Window Pressure Tests – ASTM              E 1886-02/ASTM E 1996-03, Level C, 4.5lb 2" x 4"

          - GSA Explosive Test – GSA-TS01-2003

          - Flame Spread and Smoke Developed Test – ASTM E-84

Benefits of Commercial Tinting: