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Residential Window Tinting

Welcome to VISTA
Join the thousands of homes – including some of America’s premier and historic residences – that have found new beauty and protection with VISTA Window Films. And remember: The same VISTA advantages translate perfectly from homes to businesses nationwide.

Your Home Protection

One of the most essential elements that can make your home more comfortable, assure the lasting beauty of all it holds and protect occupants from dangerous UV Rays…is the one you won’t see. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation has recommended Vista as a device for UV protection of the skin.

Beautiful Addition
Simply applied to glass windows and doors, VISTA’s Prism of Protection helps shield home furnishings from the fading and deteriorating assault of the sun, blocking a full 99.9% of damaging UV rays. So your color schemes stay true, and all of your furnishings – from antiques and artwork to carefully chosen floorings, draperies and upholstery – retain enviable strength and beauty for years to come. Since VISTA Low E film holds radiant heat and air conditioning inside and keeps sun-generated hot spots out, it enables you to enjoy comfortably consistent temperatures in every room – and lower energy bills.

VISTA also helps to reduce unwanted glare and reflection, making life more comfortable for computer users and television viewers alike.

Benefits of Residential Tinting:

Natural Light…Only Better
Professional architects and interior designers specify VISTA for their design projects and for their own homes. They trust its neutral tones to create precisely the right ambiance – and to protect their design and their client’s investment.

Because the UV protection is impregnated into the film, VISTA is deceptively durable. Microthin and scratch-resistant, VISTA is virtually undetectable – its strength emanates from space-age coatings bonded by adhesives, forming a defensive “sheath” that blocks UV rays, and helps to contain shattering glass, should a break-in occur.

A Lifetime Guarantee
All VISTA residential window films carry a Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty against peeling, cracking, demetallization and delamination. (10-year Warranty on commercial applications).

How It Works